Graphic, identity, scenography


Rene Tichelaar
Van Diemenstraat 44
1013 NH  Amsterdam
+31 6 21 602 458
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Zuidzee (South sea)
Design for a series of publications on urbanity and planning. First edition set for April: Zuidzee #1

A magazine for the Flanders’ heritage department. First edition set for April: Heritage and communal housing.

Redesigning the identity for Amsterdam based housing developer Wibaut.

ANWB / Unigarant
Redesigning the flagship lobby bar, with enamel

Interior design applications for library servicer and supplier Rijnbrink (Deventer)


‘Nostalgie en een lied van wanhoop’ publication for Swedish-Brasilian poet and ex-refugee Guilem Rodrigues da Silva. In store soon.

Branding and identity for PLATFORM architects

Solum Technology
Mining industry machinery, identity development in progress

Theo Bos versus Wibaut’s anniversary
Theo’s photography for Wibaut (project development) is extraordinarily pretty. Last June 2020 an exhibition and catalogue was planned, but Covid cancelled all. Let’s feel better in 2021. Release at architectuurcentrum ABC Haarlem.

Exhibition ‘The Neverending Park’. Animated entry at Museum Hof van Busleyden, Mechelen

‘Brusselse Scholen in Beeld. Nederlandstalig onderwijs in Brussel’Book celebrating 20 years of the Dutch speaking education policy in the Brussels metropolitan area. Published by Public Space, with photography by Stijn Bollaert.

‘Aves. A Cecklist ofthe Birds of the World, vol. II’ (the Passerines) is in the making. Volume I in store soon.


Onomatopee, ARCAM Amsterdam, Studio Roel Huisman, Public Space, Europan Nederland, Nokia Helsinki, ABC Architectuurcentrum Haarlem, SUN publishers, Jan-Dirk van der Burg, NAi publishers, Virtueel Platform, CBK Utrecht, Gottmer Uitgeverij, Nieuw Amsterdam Uitgevers, Hogeschool van Amsterdam / ACE, Cathelijne Montens & Krijn Christiaansen, Otobong Nkanga, Uitgeverij Prometheus, BIS publishers, G2K designers, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, VMI Group, Wibaut projectontwikkeling, Kosmos publishers, Architectuurstudio Skets, Atelier Sophie Krier, Ruimte Vlaanderen, Toneelschuur Haarlem, Toneelgroep Amsterdam.

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